Dear friends and customers,

I started Rewild Native Plants a couple years ago to help make native plants more accessible to home gardeners in the Mid-Willamette Valley, and to help make less popular species available. It was something for which I honestly didn’t expect much demand. But I turned out to be wrong.

There’s been so much growing demand and interest in native plants, in fact, that I find it increasingly difficult to keep up. I’m just one guy running this shop (alongside a day job no less), and I lack both the funding and acreage to scale up this operation to the extent it currently requires.

Without being able to scale up, I don’t really see much of a path forward for the nursery. Therefore, I’ve decided to gradually close down the shop. I still have plenty of stock available, some of which has yet to be added on the site, which I will continue to list and sell via local delivery only (no shipping) in the Salem-Keizer area. I will also have lots of Lonicera ciliosa plants available this fall. After the fall, I will stop selling plants.

Thank you,