Lupinus albifrons

Silver Lupine


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Very showy and fragrant, Lupinus albifrons (Silver Lupine) is a fast-growing, evergreen perennial boasting silky, gray to silvery palmate leaves and narrow, elongated clusters of blue to magenta, pea-shaped flowers. Blooming in spring to early summer, they are borne on the upper 3-12 in. (7-30 cm) of stout, ascending stems, well above the foliage. They are attractive to butterflies and many pollinators. Silver Lupine tends to be short-lived in gardens, about 3-4 years. However, if the conditions are right, full sun and excellent drainage to avoid root rot, Silver Lupine will be long-lived and look breathtaking when planted in mass.

Full Latin Name
Lupinus albifrons var. albifrons