Lupinus polyphyllus

Large-leaved Lupine


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From the USDA NRCS:

This native perennial forb is a legume with a highly variable growth habit. Some varieties grow a large crown and can reach 5 feet tall, while others are highly rhizomatous, branching out many feet, but growing only 6 inches to a few feet tall. Its hollow stalks and large palmate leaves may be hairy to smooth, and at maturity produce 3-inch to 1.5-ft tall racemes of showy white-pink to purplish-blue flowers (Sholars, 2012). Flowering typically occurs from May through July or August, with the hairy pods ripening somewhat unevenly, turning a light grayish tan to dark brown. Pods will produce 3 to 9 small (approximately ¼ inch in length), bean-shaped, mottled brown seeds. Plants are long-lived, usually lasting three years, and possibly much longer.

Full Latin Name
Lupinus polyphyllus