Koeleria macrantha

Prairie Junegrass


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A versatile and useful bunchgrass with brush-like spiky seedheads, native to much of North America. Prairie Junegrass is used extensively in restoration for its ability to colonize highly disturbed soils, its drought tolerance, and its deep extensive roots. It makes a great low-maintenance lawn, although it’s slower growing than turfgrass and doesn’t spread by runners. Because of its non-aggressive nature, it also makes an attractive ornamental bunchgrass. It’s one of the first grasses to green up in spring, with fine, fuzzy, blue-green leaves; and blooms in late spring with pale green or purplish narrow panicle flowers. Koeleria macrantha is a good forage crop for livestock. The seeds are also reportedly edible, and can be ground up to make flour or bread.

Full Latin Name
Koeleria macrantha